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Anguillara Sabazia on Lake Bracciano. So close and so far from Rome

Anguillara Sabazia has this double name so as not to be confused with Anguillara Veneta in the province of Padua. But if for the latter the reference is intuitively fishy, for the picturesque Latium village the name seems to derive from an ancient villa from Roman times.

An “Angularia” villa of a wealthy Roman patrician, so called because it was built right where the shore of Lake Bracciano forms a right angle.

From prehistory to the present day via a Middle Ages still alive

The municipality has been awarded the title of “City,” but although residents are increasing, of a real city it does not have the noisy traffic. Indeed, although it is a short distance from Rome, the center retains the quietness of the past before engines, televisions and other noises brought “progress” there.

The earliest settlements date back to the Neolithic period; traces of an 8,000-year-old village have been found at La Marmotta, below the lake. It is therefore the oldest known village on the European continent. The medieval character of the village also results from numerous documentary records.

The best way to visit Anguillara Sabazia is with slow steps and a clear mind

Walking through the narrow, sloping streets, one can appreciate the civil and religious architecture, panoramic views and many characteristic details. One can also rediscover the ancient scents, and the typical sounds of the cuisine experienced with the culinary passion of yesteryear. All of this is well recounted and documented in the Historical Museum of Peasant Civilization and Popular Culture, which provides an up-close look at local culture.

As one can well imagine, Anguillara Sabazia is the film and television set of dozens of costume films, comedies, detective stories and other genres. The scenic backdrops are the small squares, shores, churches and other picturesque corners that are ready-made, without having to build them especially for filming. The churches are certainly worth visiting, and we mention those of St. Francis, Our Lady of Grace, Holy Trinity, St. Blaise, fearing that we may forget other interesting ones.

From religious to civil architectures that tell the story of centuries

As is often the case, the Town Hall building carries the most weight in terms of history, size and prestige: as if to continue a certain character of “power.” Here is the Baronial Palace, in the middle of the old town, which features several frescoes and a sumptuous door with a clock. A door that years ago was the very entrance to the town.

Inside, jealously guarded in the different rooms, are precious decorations depicting fabulous landscapes. Next to it is the medieval keep that houses the museum we have already written about. Also notable is the ancient house of the Turco family, a historic Anguillarina family.

To complete the visit, it is necessary to taste the local dishes: from lake fish such as perch, pike and whitefish, to the local boast of the “broccoletto anguillarino”. A relaxing stroll along the lakefront, with beaches equipped in summer, completes a very pleasant and memorable experience.

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