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Tastings in the caves of Roman Castles area: a unique experience with the flavors of the local tradition

The ancient relationship of the city with its subsoil is renewed in a convivial spirit.

Tastings in the caves of Roman Castles and Rome area are an original widespread use of the subsoil and its surroundings towards the South-East. If we think that Rome was founded in 753 BC. and that since then there have been many different civilizations, we can imagine the role of caves.

The cave is a natural environment that various locations, wine cellars, and restaurants also make hospitable with lights and accommodations for guests. The caves thus understood are of various types, wine aging spaces, food warehouses, and shelters built over time to hide people or things. Inside the caves where tastings are organized, great attention is paid to dehumidification and the atmosphere is particularly suggestive.

Walls covered with shelves with arranged bottles, barrels for wine, oil, and more, and ancient agricultural work tools create original places to live. The descent of ancient steps, and having to bend the head at the lowest points, predisposes people to experience a more collected state of mind.

Underground Rome and its surroundings are rich in archaeology, history and evidence of the centuries.

Descending into the Earth always has a certain effect and we are not talking about catacombs here, a completely different climate compared to this. There is a tradition dating back to Ancient Rome, and even to earlier times, still alive that sees convivial events take place in these underground places.

Often these are tuff and pozzolana quarries; magmatic rock and consolidated ash from volcanoes have always been used in local construction. Even today, several restaurants offer customers the environments of the caves of Castelli Romani and Rome for dinners and tastings, even by candlelight.

The villas and private locations that have taken care of the preparation and livability of their caves for the realization of events are also very interesting. In a winery, the cave used as a cellar is where the most important labels of the production rest in bottles, barrels, or even in earthenware amphorae as in Ancient Rome.

Organizing there, guided by the experts of the House, a taste of other products as well gratifies all the participants with a truly memorable experience.

How to organize a group visit with tasting in a cave location.

Are you liking the idea? Well, we have a wide range of solutions where you can try this experience. Which can come at the end of a day of sightseeing, in-depth exploration of the area, or even work for conventioneers or similar events.

Tastings in the caves of Roman Castles and Rome are in great demand because, in addition to the gluttony, they pleasantly involve the soul in a relaxing situation. We work with various locations organized for this type of event and can carry out site visits at the various sites.

After knowing the tastes and needs of those who come to us. The satisfaction of our customers is also ours and we accompany them, for this reason, we dedicate to the organization all the attention that every detail of the project deserves. Each visit has its particular character, but what always remains the same is our passion for this activity. Getting to know Rome also means experiencing what is in its heart.

To discover all the cave-tasting solutions with Around Rome, contact us at +39 388 7617243 and describe your needs.

We build the event around you.

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