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The Abbey of Casamari, nestled in the Ciociaria region, rich in history, art and spirituality

Nestled in the picturesque Ciociarian countryside, the Abbey of Casamari stands as a haven of serenity. Easily accessible via the Autostrada del Sole, upon exit, one is immediately immersed in the beauty of the surrounding hills. The Abbey of Casamari is situated in Veroli.

Atop the ancient site of the Roman municipality known as Ceretae Marianae, honoring the goddess Ceres and the Roman consul Gaius Marius.

The Abbey of Casamari, a masterpiece of 13th-century Cistercian architecture, stands as an oasis of peace and tranquility

Hence, the name Casamari derives from “House of Marius”. Erected in 1203 by Cistercian monks and consecrated in 1207, the abbey boasts a history rich in virtue and spiritual influences. Commissioned by St. Bernard of Clairvaux, a champion of the Cistercian Order in Europe, it was constructed after Fossanova Abbey and before San Galgano Abbey.

Its architecture, a fusion of Gothic and Romanesque styles, captivates visitors with its elegant simplicity. However the pointed arches and intricately carved details speak volumes about the craftsmanship of medieval artisans.

In the Abbey of Casamari, one experiences an atmosphere that harmonizes reflection and devotion seamlessly

Visiting the Abbey is an experience wrapped in an aura of transcendence. Tranquility of the cloister, monks’ chants, and spirituality that permeates the air make this place an oasis of peace. So the daily life of the religious, alternating between prayer and work in the fields, is a testament to dedication and simplicity.

The interior of the abbey is a treasure trove of art and history. Medieval frescoes and sacred paintings adorn the walls, capturing attention. The Abbey of Casamari has witnessed unique moments that have shaped its history. One particularly interesting historical episode to mention is the excommunication of Frederick II, who attempted to exert his power over the abbey.

The spirit of resistance among the monks is still palpable today. King Charles III of Bourbon, in the 18th century, was a guest of the abbey, leaving an indelible mark on its history. Another fascinating event is linked to the presence of St. Thomas Aquinas, the renowned theologian, who spent a period of study here.

The artistic testimonies bear witness to the daily work of the monks

Within the abbey’s walls, the majestic high altar stands out as a masterpiece of inlay and sacred sculpture. The cloister frescoes, with their shades of blue and gold, narrate tales of faith and devotion. An unmissable artwork is the 15th-century altarpiece, a sublime example of Gothic painting.

The daily life of the monks at Casamari Abbey is an experience to discover. They engage in various activities, including the production of liquors, jams, and agricultural products. Exploring their gardens and library provides insight into their routine of prayer and work.

The abbey also offers the opportunity to participate in liturgical celebrations, providing visitors with an authentic taste of monastic life. In conclusion, the Abbey of Casamari is a treasure trove of history, art, and spirituality that unfolds with each step. One of the many places in our region, Lazio, where time seems to stand still, allowing us a unique immersive experience.

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Edited by il NETWORK text by Andrea Franchini | photo by Ezio Bocci

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